Wizard Trees Seeds

Wizard trees Seeds are available on our online platform, Tea Time #13, so far we have a total of 3 pheno’s the 13,30 and 35 looking forward to the winner. Tea Time #13 ( Zkittles x Rs11) smelling like Rs11 on steroids. has an amazing plat structure like Rs11. Also got a few Z x Zangria pheno’s that have been coming out really fire. Zangria crosses came out really fire. the Zangria is becoming one of my favorite strains in the line up. Lil Pump smoking on some Zoap.


Sherbanger 22 x Zangria about to pop another 50 of these seeds. The Zangria crosses came out extremely special Also the smoothie x Zangria smelling like a strawberry Yogurt with a hint of Z.

Burning Rope pharms

BurningRopePharm’s direct to consumer is firing up with some absolute gas. The Heel Hook ( Chem3 x Rs11) & Rodeo (Cowboy Cookies x R11) Both of these crosses had soo many great phenos to choose from. E\We have also made our Appearance in the California Rec market! It wouldn’t be possible without the Team Goat Global Enterprise, a big shoutout to them, our collaboration with wizard trees, We have the Skywalker OG x Rs11, Gunsmoke x Rs11.

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