The Keeper By Wizard Trees

The keeper by wizard trees is one of the special crosses we have been working on, we are currently pheno hunting through Rs54 x Y seeds. I think we may have found a fire new keeper to run. The flower room is starting to take off we would have fressh drops from Rs11, Zoap, Zangria and also some new tester phenos of Rs11 S1, Rs54 x Ozk, Rs11 x Ozk and Z x Ozk. And all are being bred in the house. In addition the Skywalker Og x Rs11 collab with Burning Rope Pharms, looking forward to sharing the content of this pheno from start to finish oh the official WizardTrees420 telegram channel.

Rs11 By Wizard Trees

Rs11 x Rs11 aka 11:11. We are in process of running 6 new phenos of different crosses and having flower to try at the beginning of 2023.It’s hell of a process breeding and the pheno hunting and once you find a keeper getting that into production, trust the process.

Zangria By Wizard Trees

Fire batches of Zangria strain by wizard trees has been dropping throughout California and worldwide. Also the Wizard Fuel flower which has also dropped, is already making wave globally. Wizard Fuel is from ( Ropefuel x Rs11) bred in hous and collab with Burning Rope Pharms. Also the new batch of Tea Time  and The Keeper by wizard trees are also live in Los Angeles.

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