Wizard Trees and a family of breeders with whom have solid, long-lasting relationships have created all of our in-house strains. Wizard Trees is lucky to be related to some of the world’s top breeders. Collaborations with the most illustrious breeders, such as Deep East, have produced award-winning Zoap by Wizard Trees, which is now well-known throughout the world, and Zangria by Fiya Farmer is well on its way to doing the same. Zoap strain is bred by deep east x wizard trees. At the Zalympix the Zoap weed strain won, 1st Best Overall, 2nd Best Tasting, 2nd Best Terps. We are going to continue putting out the best flavors.


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Introducing the Wizard Trees Merch, where fashion and marijuana culture converge. Discover our expertly produced products that will improve your cannabis lifestyle. Our collection, which includes elegant accessories and upscale garments with our unique legacy emblem, is a reflection of our dedication to the highest standards of quality and design. Discover limited-edition apparel, expertly made grinders, chic lighters, and useful ashtrays. Embrace Wizard Trees’ spirit and show off your passion for marijuana with our unique items. Wizard Trees will enhance your cannabis experience. For everyone who has been asking you now have a chance. We also appreciate Zippo.

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Many of the top cannabis strains in the world, including RS11, Zangria, CREAM RS54, and the multi-award winning Zoap, are produced by Wizard Trees. In the cannabis sector, we see ourselves as tastemakers, and we are always adapting to keep up with the times. The Wizard Trees team is constantly on the lookout for new terps and distinctive blossoms, and we regularly breed and pop seeds in quest of fresh and outstanding traits. Pick up will be available in San Francisco and Santa Rosa. Make sue to purchase the fresh products directly from us. We also have Wizard Trees Feminized seeds available on our online platform.

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