Wizard Trees Live Rosin

Wizard Trees Live Rosin is now available on our online platform, Zoap and Zangria liverosin are actually super fire products. Also on of the most fire batches of Rs54. I’ve seen i over a year. It’s crazy how tis pheno was from the original Rainbow Sherbert pheno hunt 4 years ago. It has a completely different nose than the Rs11, we shall be rolling out the Trilogy rosin collab of this one. We also have the Wizard trees x Trilogy x Strainchasers which contain 1.5g Flower and 3g of Rosin.

Zangria Rosin

The best batch of Zangria Rosin was made from the best ever batch of zangria, this cold cured rosin by wizard trees is  amazing and a most try. It has dropped all throughout California.

Wizard Fuel rosin

The Wizard Fuel Rosin is from the ( Ropefuel x Rs11) genetics bred and collab with  Burning Rope Pharms, the rosin will be dropping exclusively in the jars and it is available on our online platform from wizard trees direct to consumer.